Monday, April 1, 2013

April Currently & A New Product!

 I cannot believe it's April already!  My family had an exciting Easter holiday and that Bunny was extremely busy!  Here is Canon visiting the Disney Store after telling the Easter Bunny (E.B) what he wanted.  (A BLUE BUNNY!)  As for now, Nana, got him a Cars hat!

 Of Course for our Easter weekend, we had nothing but rain, rain, and more rain!  So all Egg Hunts were a little boys dream!  MUD PUDDLES to jump in!  At this egg hunt, we did find one family egg and won a prize to the Brooks Museum of Art.  Of course my hubby was just thrilled about our win...NOT!  He wanted to find the egg that won "Dick's Sporting Good" gift card for $20.00.

Now remember when I said The Easter Bunny must have been busy, well look what he left my son...
One of my fb friends asked, he the bunny partnered up with Santa and his Elves?!?  Haha  Of course not, his basket was just way too small!  =)

Now, here is my currently..

Listening:  I always allow my students to listen to music during the day.  Learn with Vivaldi is a great CD.  If you haven't heard of it, check it out!  Love it and so do the kids!!

Loving:  Again, E.B. (Easter Bunny) was extremely busy!  My hubby actually was able to sit up and have a conversation with him.  He left my hubby a check to get my present... A NEW LAPTOP!  YAY!!!  I am so excited, so sometime within the next few weeks, when I get the time, I can pick out one for me!  Well, I already know what I am getting so here is a pic!  

Thinking:  I feel like there is so much to do before the end of April.  We have a ton of paperwork that is due this month and of course having my firsties ready for the Stanford 10 at the end of this month is also a great challenge!  When push comes to shove, it all will be done and everything will be great!

Wanting:  I am really in need of losing weight!  My BP was a little high when I went to the doctor and I am having to go back on the 10th of this month.  I am afraid, well I know I am overweight and I am thinking he will put me on a diet!  Who has time with a 3 year old and working out?!?!  Oh yeah and the stress of teaching!  :)

Needing:  I am needing a Mani and Pedi!  It's SPRING where you wear sandals!  (might like feel like it now, but I can pretend!)  I just love the way after you get those, the way it makes you feel!  So NICE!!

Advice:  The best advice I have at the moment, for every negative, think of two positives!  When you can do this the negatives really don't seem that terrible!

Now, it's your turn!  Don't forget to link yours back to Oh, Boy 3rd Grade!

Also, really fast..I am needing a few friends to take a look at my new measurement activity.  I am needing some feedback before I post it to TpT!  If you are willing to be a tester please let me know.  
Here is just a preview!

I will email it to the first 5 people, who say they would like to try it.  Just let me know if you see any changes!  I was thinking maybe creating a scoot game with it..not sure.  Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!!

Happy Blogging Everyone!!


  1. Yay for the new laptop! That is so exciting! I am in desperate need for a mani/pedi too! I need to pick up the phone and make that appointment. Thanks for reminding me:) I am happy to be your newest follower.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  2. I have fallen off of the weight train as well!! I used to go to the gym often! Sigh, I just have to pick myself up and do it!! We can, we can!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  3. I broke out my sandals this weekend! (I think I have to put them away Enjoy your new laptop!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. I love what the EB is bringing you :) Santa brought me a new laptop, and it has been wonderful :)

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  5. Your little boys are so cute. Congrats on almost reaching 100 followers! I found you through the linky party and your newest follower :)
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  6. I may live in the wrong house. Your EB totally knows how to do it right!
    My Second Sense