Friday, March 29, 2013

One More Linky!!

I know, I am on a roll.  I have promised never to do two blog post in one day, but I found this linky and had to share it!

Educasong is having an April Linky.  All you need to do is add your links to free and paid TpT items.

HUGE Giveaway Announcement & a Linky

I am so excited, I have amazing TpT friends!  They are contributing their outstanding work to help me celebrate my 100 TpT followers accomplishment!  This giveaway will "go live" on April 6th, so get ready I have over 30 donations so far! If you would like to contribute it's not too late!

Now for the LINKY..

The NOUN Game
The noun game is where you simply just name your favorite person, place, thing, and animal.
Heres mine.....

My little boy, Canon!  I could not imagine life without him or my husband Jeremy!  Both mean the world to me!!

anywhere with a pool and sunshine!  I am so tired of cold  and rainy days!  Please spring some soon!!  I am ready to get in my pool!!

my iphone!  I finally joined everyone and got one...I am so glad I did too!  I am always using it to check my blog and TpT store!

my little girl Trixie, she is my little min-pin! Love her too!

Now it's your turn!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Calling all Blogger Friends!!

Hello fellow blogger friends!  I have finally reached my 1st short term goal of 100 TpT followers.  I am so excited and plan to celebrate with a giveaway!  I would LOVE to have you join me in my 100 followers giveaway!  If you have any items you would like to donate, please email me (   )  the following:

1.  Your name
2.  TpT store name and link
3.  Grade Level
4.  Blog Address

**I will be collecting product donations until next Wednesday, April 3rd with a goal to begin the giveaway, April 6th.**

Thanks so much in advance and I look forward to seeing all your wonderful products. 

P.S. I am still in training for the google docs much to learn when you are a newby!  smile

Friday, March 22, 2013

Linky Party Answers!!

I know y'all have been anxiously waiting for my 2 truths and 1 lie so here is the results:

  1.  We are huge Memphis Fans.  Cheering them all the way to the Championship game! GO TIGERS!! (TRUE)

2.  I had a long term boyfriend for 10 years.  We never married! (TRUE)  We dated all through high school and college then went our separate ways!

3.  I just found out, we are expecting a another baby boy!  I am due Sept. 6th!  (False)  Actually my little sister is having a baby boy that is due Sept. 6th!  I am so excited to have a sweet nephew coming to be in our family!  

Well, there you have it.  My 2 truths and a lie.  Now, how did you do???  Looks my most of my blogging friends thought it was #2.  Maybe soon, number 3 might become never know! 
Hope you all have a great Friday Night!! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Linky Party and a Freebie!

This is an awesome Linky Party!  If you have the time, try to LINK up!  I can't wait to see the answers of my dear friends!!
Flying High into First Grade

2 Truths and a Lie

How it Works:
Think of 3 things about yourself or your life.  You should make 2 of them truths and 1 of them a lie.   You can list them on your post in any order.  Do NOT give the answer yet in your post.  People will try  guess your lie in your in the comments of your post.  So remember to be very creative so that it is hard for people to get it right. At the end of the week you can share the answer in your comments from the post or include it in a post you make at the end of the week.  I hope this is understandable.  Mine is below....

1.  We are huge Memphis Fans.  Cheering them all the way to the Championship game! GO TIGERS!!

2.  I had a long term boyfriend for 10 years.  We never married!

3.  I just found out, we are expecting a another baby boy!  I am due Sept. 6th!

                                           Try and Guess my lie!

Be sure to include the linky graphic and link it back so others can join in on the fun!!!

Don't forget to visit the 2 people that linked up before you and leave them a comment/follow/or just read their post.

Thanks for joining in and feel free to link up anytime before tomorrow!!!

We have been studying conjunctions this week.  I had my students use any of the 5 conjunctions in a sentence and use the glue bottle to stick the sentences together.  See this cute picture I took for a better idea.  If you would like it, just click here!

I also have been thinking about my kiddos taking the Stanford 10 test coming up at the end of April.  I have decided they needed a little extra help is the listening department.  So, I created a few listening skills.  You can get these in TPT store as well.  This is not a freebie, however, if you tell me how you are preparing for standardized testing coming up, you can have it as a freebie.  Just make sure to let me your email address! 

Click here

Good Luck everyone and GO TIGERS!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Currently & New Items/ Freebie!

It's been awhile since I have been to publish.  I had a very sad grandfather passed away and I have been feeling really sad!  However, being on Spring Break, has completely put a new spin on things!  I have been able to rest and reflect on many things.  I know this is a little late, but I did want to complete the Currently for March.  So here goes:

I have really enjoyed the piece and quiet.  My child has been napping for over an hour!  
I am currently on Spring Break...Woo..Hoo!!!  I have been able to accomplish many needed task.
I have been thinking about getting out of my pj's but why??
I am really wanting it to warm up so I can take Canon to the zoo.  He absolutely loves going and they just opened a new exhibit " Sting Ray's"!  He loved them so much when we went to Florida over the summer!!
Our school system is merging with another system ( a complete scary mess!) And they have informed us we will be turning in our computers in May.  So I am wanting to upgrade my apple desktop to a apple laptop and just transfer my life--yes, I said it...teaching is everything to me..just under my family.
I like being off,  I am loving that I can actually eat something when  I am hungry and not have to cram my face in a 20 minute block!  I am hating that it's Thursday, but the sooner we go back the faster summer is knocking on the door!

Now for somethings I have created.  I just finished my Common Core 1st grade standard posters/ cards. You can check it out here!

TPT Store Here

I also finished " April Common Core: Math Word Problems of the Day"  It has the students to draw it, write the number sentence and tell how they solved the problem.  You can check it out here!  I have my students paste into Math Journal and solve a problem each day.  They love it!!

TPT Store Here

If you like it, leave me a comment how you would use it in your classroom, and be the first two people, guess what, it's your free.  Make sure you leave your email address too!

And now time for a freebie:  I made this quick.. have students draw and label the life cycle of a butterfly.  It will be added to a product coming soon!  Very similar to The Life Cycle of a Frog product in my TPT store now. 

TPT Freebie Here

Well, thats all for now.  Hope everyone is have a fabulous Thursday!  See ya all real soon!!