Saturday, April 27, 2013

Scientist for a Day Unit and a Linky!

As I was searching through my blog friends, I ran across this linky by Fern Smith!  If you haven't seen her blog, it has a ton of teacher blogs almost 400 to be exact.  What a great way to find new blogs and new end of the year ideas.
Fern Smith Blog

And speaking of end of the year ideas.  I just finished putting a unit together.  It's called Scientist for a Day!  I have done this in the past with my second graders and will do it again this year with my firsties.  I usually do it for the last week of school, but this year I decided to begin the first week of May.  Every child will choose an experiment from the packet.  They will have to complete the experiment once at home and then perform the experiment in front of his/her peers in class.  Answering any questions that may arise.  In the years past, the kids have really enjoyed doing this!  You can head over to my TpT store and grab you a copy or be the first 5 to comment and it's yours free!

Oh yeah here are some amazing websites that I shared with my parents and thought I would share with you all too.  

Happy Blogging Everyone!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Proctor Treats!!

Each year I have always given my "Proctors" treats for coming to my room during testing week.  Sometimes, I have the same person and sometimes not.  Each day, they receive a candy bar with a cute saying as a token of appreciation for coming!  I have put this in my TpT store for $1.00.  However, you already know...the first 5 people who comment with their email address, it's yours free! Here is a preview..

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A New Product Could Be Free for You!

Well, I have finished Mother's Day Glyph, Earth Day Graphing, and May CCSS Problem of the Day.  All can be found in my TpT store.  However, if you are interested in any of these new products, leave me a comment with (1) which one you would like, (2) your email address and its yours as a freebie!!  Just a perk as a follower of mine!  Hurry fast, you must be the first five!

May Problem of the Day

Mother's Day

Earth Day

Good Luck and Happy Blogging!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Announcing TWO Winners and a Freebie!

And the winner is....

Giveaway 1: Jen Ormsbee  :  (3rd- 6th)
Giveaway 2: Maria : (K - 2)

Congrats to you both!  You should be receiving emails with your goodies from the giveaway!  Thanks again for entering!!

Now time for a freebie.  When I have students who need to redo an assignment, I have them do one of two things:
(1) take the assignment home, correct it and return it for 1/2 the credit.
(2) complete the assignment again after intervention then average the two grades.
Either way, the student will improve his/her grade.  Here is a little note I attach to the papers to let the parents know how the grade was determined or will be determined.  You decide!!  

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tests Motivators!! Is your class ready!?!?!

Each year when our states standardized test comes around I give out motivation treats to my students.  I have the parents send in the candy needed and then I have a "Test Fairy" that will leave a treat with words of encouragement on their desk.  I also send home a letter to parents asking for them to send a note of encouragement from them.  Some parents will send in one for each day of testing and others will only send in one for the first day.  Just to see their faces light up when they open an envelope to only discover it's from their parents!!  You can purchase a copy in my TpT store, however, the first 5 people who comment below I will email you a copy for free (don't forget to tell me your email address).  A perk for being a follower of mine!  Don't forget about my giveaway that ends tomorrow!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

5 for Friday Linky

This is my first time to ever link up with Doodle Bugs {first grade rocks}.  So I am really excited.  I actually remembered to take pictures throughout the week.

Of course we worked in centers Monday through Thursday.  Picture 1 kids were sorting nonsense words and real words.  Then creating some of each on their own.

Picture 1
 In picture 2: The students are listening to the story on CD and then completing a story map.  On the back they were to draw their favorite scene and tell me why.

Picture 2
 In picture 3: They are reading with a partner their story for the week.  Once they finished, they are then able to read a book of their choice.  Asking each other questions about the story.  Notice the pink book mark next to the book.  This is to tell the students which center they are to attend each day.
Picture 3
 In picture 4:  This child is using spelling and high frequency words as a cut and paste activity.  She has only five words to put in a sentence.  I will check them to make sure they have used in a complete sentence with all parts.  Capital letter, and end mark.  Does the sentence make sense? Again notice the pink bookmark!

Picture 4

In picture 5:  This student is completing a must due.  This is what they must do before going to a center.  He is completing a workbook page as reinforcement to the lesson.
Picture 5
In the pictures below, we were completing file folder games.  This is used when istation friends are doing their istation time.  I can then pull individual students to my back red table and help them with a level reinforcement.  Whether it's a challenge activity or just needed extra help.  The students below will work on a set timer for about 8 minutes or so.  Once the timer goes off, I will walk around the room and check their work.  If they have successfully completed the folder task, I will mark them off for that skill.

 We also talked about matter. Solids, liquids, and gases.  We created this foldable and the students had to write a sentence.  A solid is a book.  The student had to draw a picture to demonstrate each phase.

This week we learned about commas in a sentence.  Working in a group each student had to put together a sentence.  The sentence was already in order but had to determine where to place the comma.

In Social Studies we worked on borders around TN.  What made them a border. I put each student in a group and gave them a state. They were to use the above map to determine what states border their assigned state.

As a happy for myself...i bought this way cute dress from Raised Down South on FB.  I also purchased these cute, comfortable boots at Target for only $30.00!

We are having to create CFA's for our students.  Here is a freebie of a graphing CFA for you.

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Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

100 TPT and Blog Follower Giveaway!

I have finally hit a milestone and now it's time to celebrate!  I have so many people to thank and really don't know where to start.  I want to say thanks to all my followers on both TpT and my blog.  I also want to give a special thanks to all my TpT friends that have made this HUGE!!  I have many awesome activities/packets that have been donated for both lower and upper grades.  I have split it up into two giveaways, so make sure you enter for one or both.  It will all begin on Saturday, April 6th at midnight and will last for a week!  Here is the information for the first giveaway:

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Good Luck to everyone!