Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dr. Seuss...

I am so excited about this app I found for Dr. Seuss Week!  I will show you a few pictures first...
Now, where did I get these amazing snapshots?  Its an app called Dr. Seuss Camera!  You can get yours by clicking {here}.

It does cost a small fee of $1.99 but its completely worth it.  I am planning to take my students picture and sending them off to Walgreens and getting them printed.  On Friday, I will send home the pictures to their parents.

I also wanted to share a few freebies I found on TpT.  I have already made copies and ready for my kids to complete some of the activities. Teaching Second Grade has created some wonderful freebies and I snatched them right up!  I also just noticed she is having a 50% off sale on her Dr. Seuss It's a Fan-Tas-Tical Day! YAY!!!  Click {here} for your direct link. 

Hope this helps make your Dr. Seuss Week fun and exciting for your students!  

Monday, March 3, 2014

WOW...It's March and We finally had a SNOW DAY!!

I can't believe we finally got a SNOW DAY!  I was so excited to have time to work on our school yearbook, which is due this Friday...and complete two packets!  Two of which the holidays are right around the corner!!  The first one is a mini unit for Mardi Gras. I know it's tomorrow...but here is a free copy for being a blog follower.   Special perks right here!!

Click Here
Now on to my next finished product...One of my favorite days...St. Patrick's Day.  This is the very first year in my 12 years of teaching we are actually working on this day!  Therefore, I decided to put together this Mini Unit.  Grab your free copy on the link below.  In this unit, I covered topics such as:  money, reading comprehension (finding information in the text), blending center with a response sheet, Ireland flag color sheet and a very cute writing craft!  

Click here

As I am finishing this post..guess what...I just received an email saying we are out again tomorrow!  WOW, what a sweet surprise!!

Enjoy the freebies everyone!